2401, 2013

Revelation Of God’s Desire For Your Life By Ronny Clark

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The things we desire and things God desires may or may not correspond well with each other. This can cause big problems for the person seeking to please the heart of God with their life. [...]

1501, 2013

The Point Is…you’re Worth More Than Gold!

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At The Point (PC Youth Group) we believe that each and every teen is worth MORE THAN GOLD!

901, 2013

Conversations Between A Man And His Heavenly Father

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GOD'S HEART TOWARDS ME & YOU!!! Written By ~ Ronny Clark ~ Providence Church's College Ministry Director I ask myself the question, what is God's heart towards me? Really how does he feel about me? You may ask [...]

512, 2012

I Don’t Know About You, But I Must Confess…

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Yes, Dear Friends, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year... I don't know about you,  but I must confess... I love the Christmas season & everything that goes along with it...Even the [...]

1911, 2012

The Quest To Know Him

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Article Written By: Pastor Ann Brock ~ November 2012 What an awesome, amazing God who longs for His children to "seek Him" with all our hearts just so we can know Him and receive the blessing of [...]

311, 2012

We’re Not Just Blowing Smoke!

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Article Written By - Brother Don Boyett - November 2012 Please allow me to take the words of the apostle Paul and apply them to the way I feel about you. His words to the [...]