2002, 2013 Article Written About Providence Church

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Louisiana church feels the love from its 'Sweetheart City' CLICK HERE to read the article written by CLICK HERE to see video of a word Howard Skinner gave to Brother Don regarding our new [...]

2002, 2013

Going All In. It’s Not A Gamble…it’s A Guarantee By Ronny Clark

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Have you ever had something so precious in your life that you loved so much & believed that you could not live without? I believe all of us have had at least 1 of this [...]

1102, 2013

Love Hits Lake Providence Through An Offering From Colorado Church ~ Video

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On February 7th, Resurrection Fellowship, of Loveland Colorado took up an offering of $54,000 to not only allow us to buy the land located just East of our current building, but to completely buy the land [...]

802, 2013

Would Jesus Call You A Christian? By Joshua Boyett

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Have you ever been asked if you were a “Christian”? Have you ever asked someone else if they were? At some point all of us have either asked that question or been asked. It seems [...]

3101, 2013

What Is Love? By Matthew Grieser

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How do you define a word that is incomprehensible? There are no words that can truly explain love. Actions leave so many questions. Expressions are so shallow. Our understanding is so limited. How do you [...]

3001, 2013

Realizing Your Worth By Joshua Boyett

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  Too many times in this world we go through rough patches where we just do not feel like we are good enough. Have you ever felt that way? Felt like nothing seems to go [...]