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Be proud of who you are Blog Joshua Boyett Providence ChurchToo many times in this world we go through rough patches where we just do not feel like we are good enough. Have you ever felt that way? Felt like nothing seems to go your way? You never can catch a break? Everything seems to just fall on top of you, and you just feel beaten? I know I have felt that way plenty of times, and I began to think that I had no worth. I would think things such as, “Why would God want someone like me!? How could God love someone like me?!” I have had some pretty rough times in my life, and there were points where I was barely hanging on!

Best of the best Blog Joshua Boyett Providence ChurchFor the last several months God has been dealing with me about these feelings. Feelings about myself, my church, my community…I wanted to “whine” about not having the “best of the best”!!! Who wouldn’t, right??? Well, the thing I failed to realize was I had the “best of the best”. It was my perception of things that caused me to think otherwise.

you-are-worth Blog Joshua Boyett Providence ChurchOn October 27th, 2012, I posted a status on Facebook that went like this: “To be completely honest, there are times when I get down on myself and tell myself that I’m not deserving of certain seemingly attainable things because of the things I’ve done and particular things I’m “marked” by! The moment I begin to think it, my gracious Savior reminds me that I am His child and His mercies are new EVERY morning! I AM DESERVING of ANYTHING I desire, because of the blood of Jesus, and SO ARE YOU!!!” That was the day that I TRULY began to realize I was a child of God, and that I was a joint heir to the Kingdom! Once we really grasp this principle we will see a change in the way we live our lives.

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Begin to believe that you are the best and that YOU deserve the best! Paul had a grasp on this concept! Paraphrasing, Paul said that he was completely unworthy to be called an apostle and was definitely the least deserving of all, because of his awful persecution of the church in his early days. But because of God’s grace and generosity, he was able to stand among the “best of the best” and be seen as greatness! (1 Corinthians 15:9-10)

Sure, at some point we have all fallen short of our calling and may not have been “worthy”, but because of the grace of God, we are able to become anything we want to become! You are able to be the “best of the best”! You may think you are small, but God KNOWS you are big! You just have to begin to believe it yourself. Believe in yourself, your church, and your community! You have the POWER to change it! According to Colossians 1:12-13, God has qualified us and “made us fit” to share the kingdom! We are WORTHY!!!

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Written By ~ Joshua Boyett

Joshua is the Worship Coordinator at PC

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