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Realizing Your Worth By Joshua Boyett

  Too many times in this world we go through rough patches where we just do not feel like we are good enough. Have you ever felt that way? Felt like nothing seems to go your way? You never can catch a break? Everything seems to just fall on top of you, and you just [...]

Revelation Of God’s Desire For Your Life By Ronny Clark

The things we desire and things God desires may or may not correspond well with each other. This can cause big problems for the person seeking to please the heart of God with their life. I thought I had it all figured out. By the time I was a sophomore in high school I was going [...]

The Point Is…you’re Worth More Than Gold!

At The Point (PC Youth Group) we believe that each and every teen is worth MORE THAN GOLD!

Conversations Between A Man And His Heavenly Father

GOD'S HEART TOWARDS ME & YOU!!! Written By ~ Ronny Clark ~ Providence Church's College Ministry Director I ask myself the question, what is God's heart towards me? Really how does he feel about me? You may ask yourself this same question, thinking to yourself, "I'm not good enough to be saved. How could God want to use me? [...]